IP/Domain Reputation Warm-up

New domains or IP addresses can be seen as suspicious by ISPs until they have established a positive sender reputation. To improve email delivery rates, it's important to warm up IP/domain reputations gradually by increasing sending volume while ensuring that emails are delivered normally.

IP/domain warm-up is a process that takes time and requires careful consideration of recipients, frequency, and content. During the warm-up process, it's important to monitor for email returns and adjust your sending strategy as needed to ensure that emails are delivered normally. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Target recipients: Send emails only to those who have opted-in, especially those who are least likely to complain or bounce.
  • Email frequency: Control the frequency of email delivery at an appropriate level, avoiding sending too many emails too quickly.
  • Email quality: Ensure that your emails are of high quality and avoid sending illegal or spam emails.

By following these guidelines, you can successfully warm up your IP/domain reputation and improve your email delivery rates.

Warm-up suggestion

We suggest you follow a simple 14-day warm-up plan. The volume of traffic for each day is listed in the table below.

DaysDaily Volume
Day 1200
Day 2500
Day 31000
Day 42000
Day 55000
Day 610,000
Day 714,000
Day 820,000
Day 925,000
Day 1035,000
Day 1150,000
Day 1280,000
Day 13130,000
Day 14200,000

If the mail delivery rate falls below 85%, it is recommended to revert to the sending speed of the previous day to ensure a higher success rate.