To provide a smoother interaction and feature experience, YCloud will undergo a redesign and will be launched on May 15, 2024 (GMT+8).

More details for update:

Streamlined Navigation:

  1. The top navigation bar has been removed to expand the display space for key information. User information, billing, account details, and account switching functions have all been moved under the left-hand navigation.
  2. Navigation collapsing is supported

Optimized Phone Number Binding Process:

The process for secondary phone number binding has been simplified. When adding a number to an already bound WABA, there's no need to go through embedded sign-up process again. On YCloud's WhatsApp accounts page, you can directly add a new number with only three steps: setting the name, adding the number, and verifying the number.

Integrated Configuration

  1. User Integration

Agent invitations and Teams settings under Inbox have been integrated into Users. All user invitations can now be completed on a single page.

  1. Integrate Chatbot configuration, Inbox assignment rules, and auto-replies into the number configuration, providing a single entry point to configure all tools related to numbers.

Bot Optimization:

You can create chatbot to let them take over WhatsApp numbers for you and support configuring their working hours.
Multiple automated flows triggered by keywords can be set up in each Chatbot robot. When the Chatbot fails to understand a customer's query, you can configure it to either not reply or automatically respond with a fixed message.

Inbox Optimization:

  1. Enriched conversation allocation rules to meet various business scenarios.

Basic Rules (Choose 1 out of 3):

Assign conversation to the following online agents in sequence
Assign conversation to the following agents in sequence, regardless of whether they are online or not
Do not automatically assign conversations

Advanced Rules:

Assign conversations based on ownership
Assign conversations based on the recent agent

  1. Assignee Optimization

Inbox allocation rules no longer restrict roles to Service or Sales; all users can be added to the allocation list.

  1. Automatic Inbox Activation
    All WhatsApp numbers are automatically included in inbound conversations by default, without the need for manual activation in the Inbox settings.

User Permission Update

All roles have access to the Inbox, but Sales can only see conversations assigned to them