Migrating Phone Numbers Between WhatsApp Business Accounts

This document describes how to use Embedded Signup to migrate business phone numbers from one WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) to another.

You can migrate your business phone numbers between WhatsApp Business Accounts (WABAs) and retain your display names, quality ratings, template messaging limits, Official Business Account statuses, and approved, high-quality templates. Migration typically is only performed when a customer wants to move their business phone number from one Solution Partner to another.

This article will guide you through the process of migrating phone numbers via embedded sign-up, outlining the data information that can be migrated through number portability, as well as the limitations and prerequisites for the migration.

Migration Overview

Phone Number

Through this migration process, enterprise phone numbers are transferred from one WhatsApp Business Account (source WABA) to another. The new WhatsApp Business Account (target WABA) retains its display name, quality rating, message limits, and official business account status (Green Tick Status).


Templates are automatically duplicated in the destination WABA and granted the same quality ratings and statuses as their source counterparts.

Only templates with both a status of APPROVED and quality_score of GREEN are eligible for duplication. If the destination WABA cannot accommodate all of the new templates, we will duplicate as many as we can until the destination WABA'S template limit has been reached.


Messages sent before migration is complete are charged to the old Solution Partner. Undelivered messages sent before migration is complete will be charged to the old Solution Partner if they are delivered after migration is complete.

Messages sent after migration is complete are charged to the new Solution Partner.


Downtime doesn't begin until you perform the final step (registration). Until then, the business phone number can be used to send and receive messages without interruption.

Once you perform the final registration step, downtime begins and lasts until we complete template duplication.

Once completed, the business phone number can once again be used to send and receive messages, which will be associated with the customer's new WABA.


  • Test business phone numbers issued by WhatsApp cannot be migrated.
  • Business phone numbers must have an approved display name (name_status is APPROVED).
  • Business phone numbers cannot have any associated pending display name change requests.


Migration Steps

Step 1: Turn off two-step verification on your business phone number

Log in to your Business Manager Account> Phone numbers > Settings > Two-step verification > Turn off two-step verification

Step 2: Complete migration via embedded sign-up

  • During the process of embedded sign-up, the migration is carried out, and embedded registration will create a new WABA in the new BSP.
  • You will then be prompted to enter the phone number to create a WhatsApp Profile. Please input the phone number you plan to migrate at this stage, and you will receive a prompt for migration confirmation.
  • Click "Next", enter the verification code you received, and the number migration will be finalized.