Monitor and Optimize

Monitor a range of factors around your email campaigns using YCloud's built-in tracking and analysis capabilities.

Maximize the effectiveness of your email campaigns with YCloud's powerful tracking and analysis capabilities. Gain valuable insights into recipient behavior, campaign performance metrics, and more to continually optimize your email strategy and drive better results.

Email status

To ensure effective communication, it is important to understand the status of emails after they are sent. This information can help you determine whether the recipient has received your email and, if applicable, whether they have clicked any URLs included in the email. We typically divide this information into two categories: sending data and tracking data. By analyzing this data, you can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your communication efforts.

About the sending data

ProcessingThe email has been sent, but the status information has not been returned.
DeliveredThe email has arrived in the recipient's mailbox.
Undelivered• Cannot establish SMTP connection: There may be a server error or an issue with the mailbox provider's internal service.
• Rejected domain: The email sending is rejected due to IP or domain name-related reasons.
• Email address not exist: The email address may not exist.
• Mail content denied: The sending behavior or content of this email may be determined as spam.
• Rejected: The email may have been rejected abnormally or because of recipient settings.
• Other: There may be other reasons why the email was not delivered.
Not sentInvalid email, including
• Blacked list, no charge: This email address is on the blacked list and will not be delivered. YCloud will not charge you for this email.
• Unsubscribed, no charge: This email address has been unsubscribed by its user. YCloud will not deliver or charge you for this email.
• MX lookup error: Temporary or permanent connection of the YCloud sending pool cannot access the MX (Mail Exchange) service of receiving domain.

About the tracking data

OpensEmail Open Tracking.
YCloud utilizes a common tracking method in the email field to monitor how many times an email is opened. A small transparent image is embedded in every email, which is loaded once the email is opened. Please note that this method is not 100% accurate due to the complex nature of email technology and the variety of email clients.
ClicksURL Click Tracking
Each time the recipient clicks on a URL within the email, the tracker will redirect and send them to the intended website via YCloud's server. This allows for tracking the number of clicks, which can be viewed in the analysis data.

Email Analytics

Here you can view the analysis of your email sending.
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Email sending logs

Here you can check the status report for each email.
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