Short URL


How can Short URL help

  1. Turning long links into short ones affects the length of the message which saves money and is user-friendly.
  1. Track Clicks: Track the data of PV and UV for one month after the campaign message is sent.

  • PV: A page view (PV) is a Web analytics term that refers to each time a Web page is successfully loaded onto a user's Web browser.  Every time the Short URL is viewed, Ycloud will increase the total page view count by one.
  • UV: Unique visitor(UV) refers to the number of distinct individuals requesting pages from a website during a given period.


  1. The Short URL is valid for 30 days, and the link will no longer be counted after it expires
  2. You can create 150 Short URLs per month. To increase the limit please contact our support team.
  3. Short URLs are only available for YCloud Campaign so far. If you use this Short URL on other messages or websites, YCloud won't analyze the Clicks.

Please notice that Short Link is not working well in some countries like USA and Canada. Even if you send it, it might actually not be delivered. For these countries, we recommend using the original link.


  1. Visit Campaign,
  2. Click Create new campaign
  1. Upload/Input the recipients' phone number and Click Next to go on.
  2. Find Short URL, then input your original URL.
  1. Hover over the URL so you can see the Expiration Date.
  1. Complete the campaign by clicking submit.

  2. After the bulk messages are sent. You can find the date analytics on Analytics.

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