SMS Campaign Guide

Step1: Login YCloud and visit Campaign

Step2: Click +New Campaign

Step3: Choose the sending channel >>> SMS

Step4: Set up recipients

There are two ways to upload the recipients' phone number

(1) Manual input
Enter the phone number in the multiline text field, every line can only enter one number. And please make sure the number is in an international format which should start with the country code. For example, if the United Kindom number is 44, and the phone number is 7759398257, then you should enter +447759398257.
And if you already have an excel file, you can copy the phone number column and paste them into the box.

(2) Upload file
The upload file method supports setting variables in the messages.

① Download the Template to fill in the phone numbers.

② Open the Template file and fill in the phone numbers
(1) The phone number must on the first column and be named "phone".
(2) If you don't have any variables in the message, you can delete the other column of the template.
(3) If you have variables in the messages, you can input the name of your variables starting from the first row of the second column.
For example, the SMS message is "Hi #name#, your balance is below #balance#". Then you can set a variable named "name", and a variable named "balance"

③ After setting the recipients, click Next to configure the body of the message.

Step 5: Set the body of the message.

① Name this campaign

② Set the Sender ID
If you have your own Sender ID for the target country, there will be a Sender ID selection.
Learn more about Sender ID

③ Message body
Enter the content, click the Count, then the system will determine the encoding of the text and count the length of the message.
Learn more about SMS encoding

④ Schedule the campaign
The schedule will be set directly by default. Click Schedule a time to specify the time.
Be notice that all campaigns will be reviewed first, then start at your scheduled time. YCloud usually will review them in 2 hours.

⑤Status notification
YCloud will send a notification message to the phone number when the campaign is reviewed.

⑥Click Next to check the campaign

Step6: Check the details and confirm the order

Please be sure you have clicked the Submit button and finished the submission.

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