Getting started

Short Message/Messaging Service, commonly abbreviated as SMS, is a text messaging component in mobile phones and other mobile device systems.
As the most crucial messaging channel, SMS has been serving in a variety of ways for decades, such as personal communication, authentication, marketing, and notification.

Before Getting Started

sign up for a free account first to use any YCloud product.

For trial account

There are some restrictions you should know:

  • Trial account only supports sending SMS to your own registered phone number.
  • As for Sender ID, you will only be able to use YCloud's default Sender ID.
  • You can test SMS from Getting started page or API doc .

Upgrade your account

At any time, you can decide to finish the free trial and upgrade your account..

Build and Test Your Application

Choose the way of access that you prefer the most.

  1. HTTP API: Easier and faster to access with our REST APIs.
  2. Bulk messages: Web-based solution to schedule text messages
  3. SDK: Designed for fast and easy integration.
  4. SMPP: Support maintains a continuous connection with SMSC. Please connect with our customer service to get an SMPP account.