SMPP is an industry standard for sending and receiving SMS. Contact our customer service to enable this feature.

1. Get SMPP account

Please get in touch with customer service to create your own SMPP account.

2. SMPP Usage

① Connect

Please connect the server below:

Server addressServer PortSSL Server Port

Contact us to retrieve our public certificate.

② Binding

To send a bind request, please contact us to retrieve your SMPP System ID & Password.

3Invalid SMPP System ID & Password
5Exceed the limit of connections

③ Submitting Messages

4Invalid phone number
6Exceed the limit of connections

④ Delivery Reports

Here is an example of the 'short_message' parameter in the 'deliver_sm' PDU:

id:11041301030001006668 sub:001 dlvrd:001 submit date:2111040501 done date:2111040501 stat:DELIVRD err:0 text:none

'submit data' and 'done date' is UTC time.

'err' is '0' when delivered, other numeric values are:

3Insufficient balance
4Sensitive words are not allowed
10The phone number is on blacklist
18The signature is invalid. Signature is required for Chinese mainland SMS
65Rejected by us, typically for Chinese mainland SMS