Unsubscribe settings of WhatsApp channel

The unsubscribe settings of the Whatsapp channel supports automatically completing the user unsubscribe process by identifying keywords that users reply to on WhatsApp.


How to set up?

  1. To set up automation, go to Applications and open the Inbox.

Navigate to the section called Automation, click Add Automation Rule

  1. Build an Unsubscribe process in the Automation of Inbox. Please follow the procedure below.
  • Set up unsubscribe keywords on the Condition section of the open popup window. (unsubscribe action will be triggered when a user's reply contains the unsubscribe keyword)
  • Select “add to the unsubscribe” in the Action section
  • Fill your content in the text field of the Action section as the reply to your users when they unsubscribe, for example, "Unsubscribed successfully!"
    PS: Using “contains” or “equal to” as a trigger is up to you.
  1. Open the active switch to apply the automation rule when you have completed the settings. The rules will take effect only if the active switch is on.

User unsubscribe scenario

When a user's reply contains the keyword that you have set up in the automation rule, the phone number of this user will be added to the unsubscribe list. This user will receive the reply you have set up.

2190 2102

Filtering unsubscribed users when you create a Campaign.

You can see the unsubscribe filter, this filter will be selected automatically.


There are two phone numbers in this upload field, one of them is in the unsubscribe list.


Select the filter option


Only one phone number was sent which shows the filter takes effect