Verification Message Template

The template is a pre-defined and approved text used for sending verification messages, supported channels include SMS, Voice, Whatsapp, and Email.

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Customizing Message Templates

Message templates support customization of the following content, which can be configured in the console:

Custom OptionsDefinitionSupport Channels
Brand NameThe brand name and pattern shown in verification messagesAll channels except for the voice.
Verification Code LengthThe longer the length of the verification code in the message, the higher the security level.All channels.
Verification Code Validity periodThe verification code will become invalid once it has expired and cannot be used for verification.All channels.
“Verification Code Validity period”AlertIf it's on, the validity period information will appear at the end of the message.All channels except for the voice.
"Do not share" alertIf it's on, "Do not share this code with anyone." will appear at the end of the the message.All channels except for the voice and WhatsApp.
"SMS fallback" alertIf it's on, YCloud will automatically attempt to resend the verification code via SMS if the WhatsApp status report returns "failed". However, if the status report is delayed by more than 30 seconds, YCloud will not auto-resend via SMS.Only WhatsApp supports customizing this option.

Supported languages

We will automatically parse the provided phone number's country code into the local language, with English as a fallback language. If you still need to specify a language, you can override it with the language parameter.

Supported languages include:

ar: Arabic
de: German
en: English
es: Spanish
fr: French
id: Indonesian
it: Italian
pt: Portuguese
ru: Russian
tr: Turkish
vi: Vietnamese
zh: Simplified Chinese
zh-hk: Traditional Chinese. Not applicable when the channel is voice.

The default language for verification messages for each country/region is as follows (verification messages for all countries/regions other than those listed below default to English):

TRTurkeytr : Turkish
COColombiaes : Spanish
AEUnited Arab Emiratesar : Arabic
"ID"Indonesiaid : Indonesian
SASaudi Arabiaar : Arabic
MXMexicoes : Spanish
MOMacaozh-hk : Traditional Chinese
LILiechtensteinde : German
CGCongofr : French
SVEl Salvadores : Spanish
GWGuinea-Bissaupt : Portuguese
LULuxembourgde : German
GQEquatorial Guineaes : Spanish
CVCape Verdept : Portuguese
RERéunionfr : French
SMSan Marinoit : Italian
MCMonacofr : French
PFFrench Polynesiafr : French
SDSudanar : Arabic
GFFrench Guianafr : French
NCNew Caledoniafr : French
KZKazakhstanru : Russian
MQMartiniquefr : French
BRBrazilpt : Portuguese
ARArgentinaes : Spanish
PEPerues : Spanish
ESSpaines : Spanish
ITItalyit : Italian
RURussian Federationru : Russian
PYParaguayes : Spanish
CRCosta Ricaes : Spanish
HNHondurases : Spanish
NINicaraguaes : Spanish
VEVenezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofes : Spanish
UYUruguayes : Spanish
DODominican Republices : Spanish
PAPanamaes : Spanish
GTGuatemalaes : Spanish
BOBolivia, Plurinationales : Spanish
ECEcuadores : Spanish
BHBahrainar : Arabic
OMOmanar : Arabic
YEYemenar : Arabic
LBLebanonar : Arabic
IQIraqar : Arabic
KWKuwaitar : Arabic
JOJordanar : Arabic
CNPeople's Republic of Chinazh : Simplified Chinese
TWTaiwan, Province of Chinazh-hk : Traditional Chinese
HKHong Kongzh-hk : Traditional Chinese
VNVietnamvi : Vietnamese
CLChilees : Spanish
BYBelarusru : Russian
EGEgyptar : Arabic
TGTogofr : French
MZMozambiquept : Portuguese
BFBurkina Fasofr : French
AOAngolapt : Portuguese
STSao Tome and Principept : Portuguese
BJBeninfr : French
RWRwandafr : French
BIBurundifr : French
NENigerfr : French
CDCongo, the Democratic Republic of thefr : French
MAMoroccoar : Arabic
GAGabonfr : French
GNGuineafr : French
SNSenegalfr : French
MLMalifr : French
TNTunisiaar : Arabic
DZAlgeriaar : Arabic
LYLibyaar : Arabic
PTPortugalpt : Portuguese
CHSwitzerlandde : German
BEBelgiumde : German
DEGermanyde : German
FRFrancefr : French