Security Settings

We have provided detailed information on preventing fraud and invalid registration in our article. If you realize that you have been attacked or want to prevent it, you can use YCloud's preset security settings, including checking phone numbers before initiating verification, restricting countries/regions, and blacklisting restrictions. Additionally, we send a daily verification report to your email to help you monitor and mitigate potential losses. However, no provider's solution can guarantee 100% effectiveness against experienced attackers, so your participation is crucial.

You can go to the YCloud console to set up the following security measures:

Verification Number Restrictions

Most landline phones cannot receive verification messages, so you can choose to prohibit sending messages to landline numbers to avoid wasting resources.

Geographical permission restrictions

Select countries/regions where you do not conduct business and messages sent to these countries/regions will be blocked. This is an effective preventive measure.


In the example above, no OTP messages will be sent to countries like Andorra (+376) and Austria (+43) through SMS channels. (This restriction does not apply to the email channel.)

Verification blacklist

Add explicitly blacklisted phone numbers, email addresses, or email domains. Verification messages will no longer be sent to them.