Getting started

Communicate with customers on the world's most popular app

Being one of the most popular communication applications in the world, WhatsApp has covered more than 2 billion users in over 180 countries/regions worldwide. For a long period of time, SMS and Email have been the most commonly used channels for communication between Businesses and their users. However, the world is changing, Users are increasingly looking forward to interacting with businesses the same way they stay in touch with their family and friends.

WhatsApp Business API provides a simple, secure, and reliable channel for you to reach global target users, you can engage across the customer journey with its high-quality two-way interaction features, including:

  • Finish customer authentication by sending a one-time password via WhatsApp
  • Send one-way WhatsApp messages for alerts or notifications.
  • Send multi-media and personalized marketing messages.
  • Communicate with customers on WhatsApp, building a close user experience.
  • Sales conversation, building a long-term customer relationship.

Apart from the API, YCloud also enables businesses to use WhatsApp through a web interface, including sending bulk messages of marketing and receive and reply customer messages, which is a simpler solution that does not require any development work.

Why choose YCloud

YCloud is an officially authorized Business Solution Provider(BSP) of WhatsApp Business, as well as a strategic cooperative partner in Greater China. Help companies create WhatsApp Business Accounts, interact with users efficiently, and boost business results.


Features of WhatsApp

Rich media
WhatsApp supports a variety of formats such as text, photos, videos, voice calls, links, PDF, etc, customers can obtain the key information of campaigns quickly, improving the efficiency of communication.
Low costs
WhatsApp Business Platform is charged per conversation, which includes all messages delivered in a 24-hour session. So, it’s more cost-effective compared to traditional channels
High reading rate
WhatsApp has a read rate of up to 75% and a click rate of 15%, helping you maximize marketing effectiveness and achieve business growth.

Available solutions

YCloud provides you with various solutions based on WhatsApp Business open API, including:

  • WhatsApp API: sending and receiving WhatsApp messages quickly through simple API for developers
  • Verify: Sending One-time password(OTP)with a higher success rate and lower cost via WhatsApp, using numbers provided by YCloud.
  • Campaign: Do not require any development work, a simple way to send bulk messages to customers.
  • Inbox: Live Chat tool. Agents have to chat with customers via WhatsApp.

Before Getting Started

To use any YCloud product, you need to Sign up for a free account.
Once you have created your account, you will have 2 USD for a free trial.

Create your WhatsApp Business Account

Before getting started with your signup, please check the WhatsApp commerce policy, this policy determined which companies can get access to the WhatsApp Business Platform.
Then please read the section on the signup process, this section explains all the material needed of creating an account, the process, and what to do next, including:


1.Embedded signup: create your WhatsApp Business Account and sender through the process of embedded signup provided by YCloud.


2. Submit business verification: provide documents that have legal qualifications about your business, which can improve the message limitation.


  1. (optional) apply for an official business account(OBA), green tick: the company that has got through the verification will show a green badge near the company name on WhatsApp.

Upgrade your account by buying credits.

At any time, you can decide to finish the free trial and upgrade your account.

What's next

  • Submit a message template: To start a conversation with a new user or an existing user who hasn't messaged you in more than 24 hours, you need to use a message template.
  • Build applications through WhatsApp API: use the REST API provided by YCloud to send and receive WhatsApp messages, and quickly integrate with internal applications.
  • Campaign: Do not require any development work, a simple way to send bulk messages to customers.
  • Inbox: Live Chat tool. Agents have to chat with customers via WhatsApp.

What’s Next