Add Agent (Sales)

The permission differences between sales roles and customer service roles

  1. Visible Conversation

Sales can only see conversations assigned to themselves and conversations where they are the owner. What is owner attribute

  1. Transfer Permission

Sales do not have the option to transfer conversations. They can only transfer their own customers by changing the owner to another agent. When a sale changes the owner to another agent, the conversation is automatically transferred to the new agent.

Customer service can transfer conversations and modify the owner as well.

Add a sale agent guidance

Step 1

Invite the sales manage the messages corresponding inbox in the “Inbox>Settings>Agents>Add agent".

Step 2

After receiving the email, sales can click the "Active" button in the email to accept the invitation and access the inbox.

Step 3

Authorize the inbox for sales. Only by adding sales to this inbox can they receive messages from it.