Getting started

What is BOT?

The BOT is an automated process robot developed by YCloud based on WhatsApp. By recognizing the content of customer messages, it can engage in automated conversations or perform actions such as labeling and unsubscribing. Businesses can create various types of automated reply BOTs to facilitate efficient responses and reduce costs.

Key points

Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement: The use of BOTs can lower the operational costs of businesses, particularly for routine, repetitive tasks, and inquiries. BOTs can automatically respond, helping businesses reduce labor costs while increasing response efficiency.

Instant Response: BOTs can provide immediate responses to customer queries and operate 24/7 to offer services without the need for manual intervention. This significantly enhances the user experience, providing customers with more convenient and efficient services.

Reduced Waiting Time: Compared to human customer service, BOTs can decrease customer waiting times. When users trigger key words in the BOT, automatic responses are initiated promptly to address customer questions and needs.

Multitasking Capability: BOTs can handle multiple customer messages simultaneously, free from the limitations of human resources. This enables more efficient resolution of issues from different customers, enhancing response speed.

Data Collection and Analysis: By tracking the frequency of BOT triggers and interactions between customers and the BOT, businesses can gather insights into high-frequency customer questions and needs. This valuable data can be used to optimize products further.