Getting started

What is Contact?

Through our Contact feature, businesses can establish comprehensive customer profiles by manually entering or importing customer data using Excel. This enables the tagging and classification of customers, identifying high-value clients. In subsequent marketing activities, targeted marketing can be conducted for specific customer segments, reducing costs while efficiently enhancing marketing effectiveness.

Key Points:

Integrated collection, marketing, analysis, and feedback.

By collecting and categorizing customer information, analysis of customer segments can be performed. For example, customer preferences can be analyzed based on factors such as gender and age.

Precision Customer Classification:

Simple tagging and classification allow for clearer categorization of customer segments, identifying different needs of various customer groups.

Precise Customer Engagement:

Through Contact, customer classification enables targeted messaging during marketing activities. Efficient marketing to the target audience reduces the cost of indiscriminate messaging.

Secure and Compliant Data Management:

YCloud strictly adheres to privacy policies such as GDPR, ensuring that your data collection is compliant. Additionally, we use secure information encryption technologies such as AES and RSA to prevent data leaks and misuse. Furthermore, Contact's unsubscribe feature successfully filters out unsubscribed customers, ensuring that messages are not sent to customers on the unsubscribe list during the next mass messaging.