Send Utility Messages through WhatsApp

Sending utility messages via WhatsApp has clear advantages, including guaranteed delivery, higher read and response rates, as well as the ability to take direct action within the conversation.

Create WhatsApp message template

  • Log in to your YCloud account
  • Click "Home > Templates > +New Template"

  • Select Authentication in category, naming your template and select the template language
    • Attention Please: The template name must be unique. Names only support lowercase letters a-z, numbers 0-9, and underscores (_). Once a template is submitted, it cannot be changed.

  • Enter the message content
    • Please note: Utility messages are used to send account updates, order notifications, alerts, and other critical information, including but not limited to:
      Update transaction:i.e.: Your password has changed/ Your order has been dispatched
      Account/Billing/Payment Notification:i.e.: Your payment has been accepted/ Your payment has failed
  • Click “Submit" and waiting for the approval

Send Utility Messages

Send messages through Campaign

Step-by-step guidance:

  • Log in to your YCloud account
  • Click "Campaign > +New campaign" to send messages

Send OTP messages through API

API Message Sending Endpoint:


Common Reasons for template rejection: