Conversion API (CAPI)

Conversion API is an interface provided by the Meta advertising platform. It is not restricted by third-party cookies or browser settings and can be used to provide the advertising platform with information about business conversion events, such as new leads, app downloads, purchases, appointments, registrations, etc.

There are two main benefits for YCloud collecting the event data to pass on to Meta:

Helps improve targeting: With CAPI tracking, you can provide more accurate information for your ad campaigns. This in turn helps ad platforms understand and improve audience targeting to maximize the performance and effectiveness of ads. For example, we share with it the events of users who made a purchase by clicking on an ad, allowing campaigns to continually optimize audience targeting with a picture of the users who made the purchase. (Not live yet, YCloud will be the first to follow up and notify our clients when Meta allows it).

Helps you better understand your audience: By sharing messaging events with Meta through CAPI, you can track, measure, and understand how these events are performing in Meta Ads Manager, providing a deeper understanding of the customer journey. For example, you can view the number of purchases and cost-per-purchase for ads that clicked through to WhatsApp. This information can help you make more effective marketing decisions.

Once you connect your ad account to YCloud, we will automatically enable the Conversion API and you will be able to access them directly in the Event Manager!


  1. The corresponding ad account is connected to YCloud

  2. At least one customer has clicked on CTWA and opened a dialogue