Agent takeover

What is "Agent takeover"?

"Agent takeover" represents the transfer of conversation to a customer service agent. When the "Agent takeover" component is connected, the dialogue between the customer and the bot will be assigned to an online customer service representative for handling.

Suitable Cases:

Used to handle complex conversations that the BOT cannot resolve, or suggested to be placed in the later stages of the BOT. For example, when the BOT's conversation task has reached an advanced stage, you can add a component to inquire whether the customer's needs have been met. If the customer indicates that the BOT has not solved the problem, you can connect the “Agent Takeover” component to allow customer service to take over the current conversation and continue handling more complex issues.

Alternatively, you can also set specific keywords to trigger customer support team. When the corresponding BOT is triggered by specific keywords, the conversation will automatically be transferred to customer support.