Getting started

What is the Growth tool?

Our Growth Tool is designed to facilitate customer growth by providing real-time communication services via WhatsApp. Through our tool, customers can interact with you instantly by scanning the links or QR codes you generate, or by using the Chat widget to communicate via WhatsApp. You can set up automatic quick replies to provide prompt feedback and increase customer satisfaction. You can easily view the latest user interaction data to gain insights into their behavior and interests. Additionally, users who interact with you will automatically be added to our Contact, which you can access and manage at any time. These users are valuable resources for your future customer marketing activities, helping you improve engagement and grow your customer base.

Key points:

Streamlined communication process
Typically, to chat via WhatsApp, you need to know the other person's phone number, save it on your mobile device, and then search for it to start the conversation. With YCloud's Growth Tool, this process is simplified, as customers only need to click a link or scan a QR code to initiate a WhatsApp chat.

Quick replies
Through a simple setup, you can preset custom messages and automatic quick replies, supporting a large number of customers to access at the same time. To enable this feature, you need to bind your WhatsApp account in the YCloud.

Multiple ways to reach users
Our Growth Tool generates QR codes, links, or official website chat widgets, providing diverse applications for various scenarios such as websites, apps, landing pages, offline stores, and more. This enables you to capture every potential customer.

Compliance in collecting user information
Customers who chat with you through our Growth Tool are automatically added to your address book in the backend. You can view and edit their information, such as the time of addition and the last conversation time, and use our mass messaging tool to create suitable marketing activities for targeted customers.

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By logging into YCloud, you can access click analytics, customize quick replies, and collect participant phone numbers in compliance with regulations.

What is the Growth tool generate?

QR code
Chat widget