Conversations are automatically assigned to the Owner (Customer service/Sales).

YCloud supports assigning an Owner to a specific customer, which is similar to sales attribution in CRM systems.

When a conversation from that customer comes in, it can be automatically assigned to the designated Owner based on their ownership.

How to set up?

Step 1:

Invite the agent, and authorize the inbox to the agent.

Customer Service Guidance: Click to view details

Sales Guidance: Click to view details

Step 2:

Set the Owner of the specified customer to this Agent on the Contact page. Click to view Contact

When entering the Owner, you can choose an existing Agent or input an email (in cases where this email has not yet been associated with an Agent).

Click to view other configuration methods: Set the Owner through API or specify the Owner during Contact document import.

Step 3

Enable Owner assignment: Click to access the switch page.

Once the switch is turned on, during incoming conversations, the system will check whether the customer has an Owner. If the customer has an Owner, the conversation will be automatically assigned to that Owner.