Getting Started

Hey 👋, Welcome to YCloud Inbox!

YCloud inbox is a Live Chat tool, with which you can have live chat with target customers, inviting and managing your agent team. By analyzing key performances with auto-generated reports, you can keep informed of all the conversations and adapt your marketing plan easily. YCloud inbox is designed not only to drive customer engagement but also to improve your support team's productivity. Boost business revenue growth.

All your conversations in one place

You can also view all conversations from WhatsApp on one dashboard. Sort and filter contacts and add attributes to your customers for better management.

Invite your team members

Since you are getting ready to talk to your customer, bring in your teammates to assist you. You can invite your teammates by adding their email addresses to the agent list. Rich media content and canned responses are supported.

Organize conversations with labels

Labels provide an easier way to categorize your conversation. Create some labels like #support-enquiry, #billing-question etc., so that you can use them in a conversation later.

In this user guide, we’ve explained step-by-step procedures and the features for easily using the YCloud inbox.

Getting started

we’ve explained step-by-step procedures to help you get started with Inbox.