Most direct-to-consumer brands are facing the same problem this year: the cost of customer acquisition on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is increasing, while conversion efficiency is not improving significantly.

Click to WhatsApp Advertising (CTWA) is a great tool for acquiring new customers nowadays, helping you to maximize your ad spend on Facebook and Instagram!

What is Click to WhatsApp Ads(CTWA)?

CTWA stands for Click-to-WhatsApp Ads, a form of advertising on Facebook and Instagram. It enables the audience to initiate a WhatsApp conversation directly from the ads they see on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. When users click on these ads, a conversation is triggered between the user and the brand on WhatsApp. The conversation can be entirely led by agents or automated using the YCloud WhatsApp Bot, with the option to transfer to agents using YCloud's agent takeover component.

While marketers have been striving to create high-converting landing pages to generate leads, now there is the possibility to eliminate landing pages altogether to shorten the user journey. Instead, marketers can offer real-time, personalized conversational experiences, making marketing more streamlined and user-friendly.

Reasons for using Click to WhatsApp Ads (CTWA)

Attracting New Customers: Utilize platforms (i.e.: Facebook and Instagram) when consumers use during their leisure time to increase awareness of your products or services. In countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, people use Facebook and Instagram for news and celebrity updates, while interacting with friends and family through WhatsApp.

Boost Conversion and Drive Sales: Leverage the YCloud WhatsApp comprehensive solution to maintain long-term relationships with customers and drive business growth through continuous communication and interaction.

Enhance Lead Collection Efficiency: This advertising format eliminates landing pages, enabling businesses to immediately obtain users' WhatsApp numbers once they click the CTWA button.

Improve Return on Investment: Integrate with Meta's Conversions API to send events back to the advertising platform. This allows the advertising system to optimize ad targeting based on conversions and reduce cost per action. (Coming soon)

Cost Reduction: According to WhatsApp's pricing model, WhatsApp conversations originating from Click-to-WhatsApp ads are considered user-initiated. Conversations started within 72 hours of the user's entry point into the ad won't incur WhatsApp charges.