Receiving CTWA Visitors

Once you've successfully set up the Click to WhatsApp ad campaign to generate traffic and potential leads, visitors will initiate conversations with you through WhatsApp.As an official provider of WhatsApp Business Solutions, YCloud has established comprehensive and professional tools to assist businesses in maintaining long-term relationships with customers and driving business growth through continuous communication and interaction.

Receiving CTWA visitors through Inbox

When users click on CTWA, they will open the company's WhatsApp API account to start a conversation. At this point, companies need see the visitor's messages in real-time and respond promptly.

YCloud Inbox is a real-time chat workspace that you can connect to your own WhatsApp API account. You can invite your sales or customer service team to participate in taking over visitor conversations. Additionally, you can label visitors based on conversation depth or customer intent.

We provide a detailed step-by-step guide to help you get started with Inbox:

Receiving CTWA visitors through chatbot

You can also use YCloud's intuitive no-code builder to create your own WhatsApp bot. After all, it's challenging to ensure that you are sitting in front of the computer every moment.

There are two common modes for WhatsApp chatbots:

  1. All new visitors are initially handled by the chatbot, and if necessary, they are transferred to a human agent.

  2. The chatbot handles inquiries only during non-working hours.

We have provided a example below. For more details, please refer to the detailed tutorial for instructions: