Custom Attributes

A custom attribute tracks facts about your contacts/conversations. The custom attribute can be anything, E.g.:

  • Subscription plan
  • Subscribed date
  • Signup date
  • Most ordered item
  • Ordered product link
  • Last transaction date
    Custom data attributes are the information you attached to conversation/customers, like how many times they've ordered a product, when they signup, or what plan they're on. So you can set whatever attributes you want to understand your customer/conversation better, and it will all show in YCloud Inbox.

Add a new custom attribute

To add a new custom attribute, navigate to the Custom Attributes by clicking on Settings -> Custom Attributes from the sidebar.


Click on Add custom attributes button available on the top right corner of the page, and fill in the pop-up window. These are the inputs required shown in the window.

Applies toAttribute type (Conversation/Contact)
Display nameAct as a label while rendering custom attribute
DescriptionDescription about the custom attribute
TypeType of data it will store. Currently supports Text, Number, Link, and Date
KeyUnique identifier attach to the custom attribute

Note: You cannot create a custom attribute with the same key twice in the account.

Once you enter the details, click on the Create button. If the request is successful, a message "Custom attribute added successfully" will be displayed.

Add custom attributes

  • Step 1. It will open a attribute dropdown selector, then select the attribute that you want to add
  • Step 2. Enter a valid value click on the Create button. If the request is successful, a message "Attribute added successfully" will be displayed.
    Also you could able see the actions like edit/delete/copy by hovering on the attribute.